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Cast Molding

In DK Medivision’s own cast molding production system, the inside mold is joined together with the outside mold to create perfectly even-surface contact lenses with highest confidence level. The result is unsurpassed comfort and optical performance, and DK Medivision manufactures these high-quality contact lenses in the fully automated production environment.

The Color Monomer Inter-Polymerization (C.I.P) Process

All color contact lenses from DK Medivision are produced in cast molding production lines, which incorporate the color monomer inter-polymerization process. DK Medivision was the first contact lens company in Asia to have employed this type of production method.

High-definition, Aspherical Lenses

DK Medivision’s contact lenses provide excellent vision even at night with its superior aspherical lens design which reduces distortion and spherical aberration.

Precision Edge Design

The precision edge design prevents eye dryness and irritation, providing outstanding comfort all day.

UV Blocking

Our contact lenses will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause various eye troubles, including cataract, retina damage, etc. by blocking UV A and B. But they cannot be replaced with UV blocking eyewear such as goggles or sunglasses because they cannot cover entire eyeballs.
(Please consult with an ophthalmologist for detail.)

Production System